Consultant and Expert Witness to Attorneys
Regarding Injuries Impacting Families, Relationships and Individuals

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What Attorneys Need to Know About Dr. Jordal

Dr. Jordal’s more than 15 year career teaching, publishing, public service and providing therapy to couples and families includes an impressive body of publications, appointments and acknowledgment as a leader in his field.  Dr. Jordal’s publications address research in the field of Marriage and Family Therapy and address non-traditional families, sexual-orientation, transgender transition.

Attorneys consult with
Dr. Jordal about cases with these concerns:

Sexual Behavior that is not well-understood by a jury or attorneys

Criminal domestic abuse or sexual assault

Coping mechanisms, functional and dysfunctional

Behavior that (A) appears to be sexual but isn’t, or (B) appears not to be sexual, but is

Damages address a family that is suffering

Family Disputes in Family Court or Divorce Mediation

Impact on Sexuality

Impact of Sexuality

Discrimination (sexual, sexual orientation, transgender)

When family, sex or relationship controversies end up in court, expert testimony and knowledgeable testimony require a different focus.

Keeping up with a Family’s Every Day Life After an Accident
What is the emotional cost?

  • Keep the house clean, prepare meals, chores like yardwork, laundry, household repairs. Can you imagine life without help with these tasks?
  • Ferry children to school, sports, tutoring, ballet classes, doctors, dentists, ad nauseum.
  • Care for aging parents.
  • Manage all the paperwork that comes from life as we know it: mortgage refinances, credit cards, health insurance snafus, bills, investing.

Sometimes these responsibilities are split up, sometimes it falls on one partner.

What if that person cannot carry their weight?

Keeping up
with self and loved ones

  • Hugs, affection, expressing feelings of love to spouses, partners and children. This cannot be understated.
    Expressing loving emotions keeps people together and committed to the well-being of the family or couple unit.
    Psychological conditions can hamper a person’s ability to express loving emotions
  • Sexual contentment, which also reinforces motivation to stay in the family and hold up responsibilities.
  • Manage one or more family illness and medical treatment.


The modern family navigates a complex life, juggling everyone’s contribution to keep the balls in the air.

When someone is injured, the balls can crash to the ground.

Evaluating the impact of an injury on a family, especially the injured party’s spouse or partner, benefits from assessment by an expert in couple and family interactions who can explain if damages exist. What do family members do for one another and what is the value of loss?



Dr. Jordal’s expertise addresses the most common conflicts in a divorce or child custody dispute. Separation of joined lives between gay or unmarried couples can be equally difficult, though applicable laws vary state to state.

Evaluating the impact of an injury on a family, especially the injured party’s spouse or partner, benefits from assessment by an expert in couple and family interactions who can explain if damages exist.

The flip side of function

Understanding couple and family dysfunction becomes crucial in navigating the legal landscape of:

  • Divorce
  • Child custody disputes
  • Emotional responses to financial havoc, separating intertwined money, income and debt.
  • Anger, resentment, jealousy over infidelity or betrayal, real or imagined can produce behavior that can be scary, irritating or even criminal (e.g., stalking, assault).


As a Certified Sex Therapist, Dr. Jordal is uniquely qualified to address sexual behavior that may impact:

  • Sexual Harassment
  • Sexual Assault
  • Impulse Disorders
  • Conditions that impact judgment or interpretation of social cues.
  • Discrimination based on sexuality, gender identity (Dr. Jordal holds is Certified in Transgender Health.), Even the sexual feelings of an employer can contribute to discrimination or the appearance of discrimination.